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A 24 Hr Emergency Dentist, 7259 International Dr.,
(407) 903-0320 in Orlando that Relieves Tooth Pain & Repairs Fractured Teeth

Get immediate relief from tooth pain and suddenly fractured teeth and see a caring emergency dentist at 24 Hour Dentist located in Orlando, Florida. For the past 31 years, we have helped local clients and visiting tourists get fast pain relief for a variety of dental emergencys. If a guest comes to you and needs quick dental care, 24 Hour Dentist is your answer!
Dental Care, Fractured Teeth in Orlando, FL

Dentist Tool, Tooth Pain in Orlando, FL
What We Offer

As our name illustrates, we are truly at your beck and call on a 24/7/365 basis. Dr. Sidawi, our resident dentist, offers same-day dental appointments and considers himself your dentist away from home. If you have:
tooth pain,fractured teeth let Dr. Sidawi and his staff perform 24 hour emergency root canals, fillings, or extractions, so you can get back to fun in the sun!

24 Hour Emergency General Dentist for Children and Adults
   •  Tooth Pain & Extractions
   •  Root Canal
   •  Orthodontics
   •  Fillings
   •  Broke & Temporary Crown
   •  Gum Disease
   •  Tooth Abscess

What Sets Us Apart?
24 hour emergency dentist located in Orlando, FL, provide emergency dental services for tooth pain & extractions, crowns, gum disease, orthodontics. Call for appointment.

24 Hour Dentist is the only local dental clinic that answers calls, day and night, all year-round. Not only do we perform emergency dental procedures in our chair. We also specialize in cosmetic and orthodontic dentistry. Come in and meet our honest and friendly staff, and be treated with integrity and respect.

A Great Location
Our office is right across the street from the dinner theatre restaurant, Titanic: The Experience™. We are also quite handy to the hottest attractions such as Walt Disney World®, Universal Studios Orlando™, and SeaWorld® Orlando Theme Park if you run into a major dental issue while at play.

Get the quick and professional dental care 24 hour emergency services for tooth pain, fractured teeth.  
Contact our dental officein Orlando, Florida, to request your emergency service today.

"I was on my annual pilgrimage to Orlando from England when I began to experience increasing discomfort from beneath a crown. I decided to consult a dentist to safeguard the tooth and our holiday. I remembered seeing this practice on International Drive (north of Sand Lake Road, opposite Wild Jack's/Titanic/CSI) from a previous holiday. The dentist, Mr Sidawi, immediately located the cause (existing root canal at least 1 cm too short causing continual infection beneath the root). Mr Sidawi skillfully drilled through the top of the crown, through the enamel, the metal and followed the existing root canal. He continued the procedure to the base of the root and into the abscess, injecting the infected area with chlorine and an antibiotic. This was left open for 4 days, complemented with an oral antibiotic, before it was closed with a perfect "pin" filling. I am now back in England free from discomfort. Mr Sidawi showed total commitment to my situation and was literally "on-call" 24 hours per day throughout my holiday. The skill and genuine care he exhibited was astonishing. He saved both my tooth and our holiday and I am truly indebted.  Mr Sidawi, from the heart, "Thank you!" Sincere thanks Gary

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